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         From thread to needle and without warning, my passion for miniatures and my taste for hats have crossed.          


As a child, I imagined in the hollow of the trees tiny dwellings for improbable and chimerical creatures.

 A few years later, as a teenager and under the spell of old haberdashery, lace and embroidery,

I discovered the poetry of yesterday hats.

At the age of all possibilities I was restoring laces and antique kimonos for a collector from across the Atlantic.

Many years later, as a fulfilled mum, I imagined my first "little hat" at tha request of Madame Hortense,

mistress of house, mistress of my dollhouse...

          Old days buttons, antique braids, glass beads, amber, precious jet, silk threads, ostrich and peacock feathers

have joined ribbons, laces, pearls and other chilhood treasures.

To welcome my precious little treasures : wool felt, delicate leather, silk velvet, antique hat straw or silk from Algiers.

    My grandmother's lacework, my mothers's tales and a touch of nostalgia nevertheless remain the soul of My Little Hats...



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